Lash Lift & Eyebrows

  • Lash lift 50′ – €50
  • Lash/Brows Tint 20′ – €20
  • Lash tint + Eyebrows tint + shape 35′ – €35
  • Eyebrows tint + shape 25′ – €25
  • Shapping Eyebrows 20′ – €20


  • The Lash Volume Lift is a new treatment in which we lift the natural lashes and give them more volume. During the Lash Lift, your own lashes are “lifted” from the root against a soft, silicone mold with a special cream that makes the new shape in the lashes permanent. After lifting, we also apply a volumizer cream and nourishing oil (Filler) to the eyelashes. The result is long, full, curled, and healthy lashes.
  • When we do lash lift we also tint lashes, because this will make your lashes look even fuller and more intense. This makes not only eyelash curlers but also mascaras superfluous. The result of the Lash Lift remains visible for about 6 weeks. Because Lash Lifting is not harmful to your own lashes, you can simply repeat the treatment after 6 weeks.

Before / After