Face and Body Scrub + Mask

  • Body Mask 30′ – €50
  • Body Scrub 40′ – €60
  • Body Scrub and Body Mask 70′ – €90
  • Face and Body Scrub 50′ – €70
  • Face and Body Scrub and Mask 70′ – €100


  • A 100% Natural Scrub made with Essential Oils and Precious Oils applied in the whole body with a deep massage to remove dead cells and help the skin’s renewal process. After a shower, the treatment continues with a Relaxing Massage to deeply
    moisturize and hydrate the skin.
  • Manual Treatment
  • Extra:
    – The Scrub is applied on the whole body and face with a gentle massage to renew and moisturize the skin. – an energizing massage is performed on face and body
  • Results:
    – The mind and body are relaxed. Skin is deeply moisturized and hydrated, soft revitalized and renewed.
    – Tanning will be more intense and long-lasting.
    – The waxing treatment will have a better result and every cosmetic product will penetrate deeper.
    – The ritual to revive the skin.