Deep Phyto Bio Peeling

  • Adapt for every skin type, also Sensitive. Perfect to remove old tan, for dull and impure skin.
  • Condition:
    – Cicatrical changes of skin after acne;
    – Hyperkeratinization and enlarged pores;
    – Hyperpigmentation
    – Inflammatory reactions;
    – Adipose glands;
    – restoration of infiltrates and deep cleansing of pores;
    – initiate processes of skin regeneration;
    – smoothing of skin relieves.
  • Mask – Vita Pure Essential sedative mask. Immediately relieves irritation, normalizes water-alkaline balance and local blood circulation. Contributes to cell regeneration.
  • Important Features:
    – The treatment start with cleansing , gentle scrub to remove dead cells after that we rub the PHYTO PEEL a few minutes and mask for a completely targeted result.
    – Regenerates keratin layer of the epidermis;
    – Restoration and revitalization of all physiological processes in the dermis;
    – Activation of collagen and elastin synthesis;
    – Smoothing of skin relief.
We will set up the PHYTO BIO PEEL personal plan in our salon after consultation!!
We treat the chest, back and arms area.
Service: Deep Phyto Bio Peeling