Anti-Age Lifting – Superior

  • Suitable for wrinkles, thick and grey skin, sagging and slackening skin, dry skin, and in general to fight against the aging process. For those who like a strong rejuvenating effect without surgery.
  • Warm mask to open the pores and to allow the products to penetrate in the skin
  • Ultrasound to reduce inflammation and sensitivity, tighten and sculpt the face
  • Double Ionization with Serum Gel for the best penetration of Anti Age and lifting actives to the deepest layers of the skin
  • Muscle stimulation to deeply firm the skin
  • Concentrate or serum for rejuvenating effect
  • Application of a mask that suits the skin at best ( lifting, anti-age, moisturizing…)
  • Application of Anti-Age eye contour and Lips Contour