Medical massage

  • Medical Massage 30′ – €40
  • Medical massage 60′ – €70

Pay 5+1 for free (The package must be used
within 2 months)

This type of massage can be singled out as the most effective and the most attractive type of massage for clients because it serves a series of systematic physiotherapeutic movements on the body with a goal to manipulate body tissues(skin,subcutaneous tissue, muscle, muscle fascia).

Massage is performed with the hands in order to directly or indirectly affect the muscular and nervous system as well as blood and lymph circulation. We apply medical massage focusing on the diagnosis and the problem for which the person came for treatment. Constant muscle tension hinders blood flow and the supply of nutrients to organs and tissues. Massage lowers the concentration of stress hormones and breaks down tension, bringing the body into a state of balance.