Derma Pen – Skin Pen

  • Derma Pen 110€
  • Derma Pen + Ionisation 130€
  • Package options 5+1 gratis 550€ / 650€

Do you want to get rid of acne scars ,fine lines and wrinkls ,do you have dry skin ,oily skin,large pores,want to improve your skin tone and teksture…?!
Than Dermapen is your tretment!
With the Dermapen we make little micro chanals into your skin. What happend with this controlled micro injuries, as you body heals everything tightens ,you get new collagen and thats when you see the improvement in tone and teksture, fine lines and wrinkels ,scars and even hyperpigmentation.
Dermapen is definetly cumulativ . The more treatments you do the better result you get.
With the Dermapen we combine serums ( hyaluronic acid,vitamins,minerals…) that we choose for your skin type. This is a good way to deliver serums deeper into your skin for a more powerful efect.
Prepare yourself for redness and sweling for that day . When your skin calms down,usually over night ,you will get a beautyfull glow !