Duration and Price:
FULL BODY: 50MIN / 70 €
FOREARMS: 10MIN / 15 €

We set up the Madero Therapy personal plan in our salon!

  • The benefits of Combination Madero Therapy treatment:
  • 1. Break down of the fat cells
    In the first stage of treatment, we are breaking down fat pockets or stubborn adipose fat tissue that, no matter what we do, somehow we can’t get rid of. By breaking those areas of fat pockets into smaller areas, we are making it easier for our body to access those fat cells (at this point, water retention has been released from this area via the lymphatic system) and use them as an energy source. This is where a healthy diet and exercise come in handy for us to use up all this extra energy.
  • 2. Body contouring aka Brazilian butt lift The Brazilian Madero Therapy is an effortless and efficient way of contouring the body without harming the skin or tissue. Each wooden cup has a specific use for a particular area of the body. Wooden instruments help diminish cellulite while toning the body, particularly on the thighs and bum area. Therefore, this treatment is also known as a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift.
  • 3. Faster and improved lymphatic drainage with classic wooden tools This process will also activate the lymphatic drainage system in our body. The lymphatic system is responsible for moving all water retention and boost the function of the lymphatic nodes. Those nodes are on the front line when it comes to fighting against viruses, bacteria, and toxins. By clearing those nodes, we are boosting our immunity system and detoxifying our bodies, improving our overall health.
  • 4. Improved circulation
    The Brazilian Madero Therapy session begins with dry body brushing in order to prepare the skin and muscles for the treatment. Then, the therapist applies essential oils with properties and starts hand massage following the massage with the wooden tools. This process will warm up the muscle by improving circulation, microcirculation, and preparing the body for the application of wooden tools.
  • 5. Improved fascia health
    The vacuum allows the connective tissue – fascia to stretch and makes it more flexible, elastic, thus enabling the release of trapped toxins, greater hydration, and flexibility. This is making our muscles less prone to injuries, improves our mobility, and helps chronic pain management.
  • 6. Immediate result With the help of a vacuum, the lymphatic system absorbs larger amounts of lymph, up to 20 greater amounts, thus achieving effective detoxification of the body and an immediate result – a significant inch loss.


Before / After